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When it comes to the ultimate business investment, semi-absentee franchise ownership is like having your cake and eating it, too. Grab a fork and dig in with Fulcrum Franchise Development as we explore this entrepreneurial option.

You’ve dreamed about owning your own business, but you just don’t have the financial flexibility to “quit your day job” and make that happen. But with franchise companies that offer semi-absentee ownership models, you can make your hopes a reality while you’re still collecting a paycheck from your employer. By exploring these alternatives, Fulcrum Franchise Development shows you how you can rely on the security of a proven business model, training, and support from well-established companies.

Franchise Ownership Scenarios

  • Semi-Absentee Franchise Ownership. This is where you’d own a franchise, but would hire a manager to handle all day-to-day operations. The franchisor typically offers training with operational and marketing support your manager would need. You are not personally managing the franchise, but rather overseeing it behind the scenes. In fact, some absentee owners follow their franchise businesses in real time online. To grow this model successfully, an effective manager is essential. Many franchises require you to have a manager in place before you open, and that you’d train together from day one so you’re both in synch professionally.
  • Franchise Area Developer. An Area Developer franchise model allows you to own a certain number of franchise licenses to sell in a pre-established region that has several smaller territories that can each support a single franchise unit. As the developer, you’re not responsible for selling and securing new franchises throughout your territory, but rather for supporting the management, sales and training of each unit. On average, area developers receive as much as half of the franchise fees and royalties for their support efforts. For placing each new franchise, you’d receive a percentage. You train new franchisees, follow up as needed, and then also receive a percentage of that franchise’s total yearly revenue.
  • Multi-Unit Ownership. This option lets you purchase more than one license to open several franchise units over a pre-agreed timespan. You’d run all of these business units in an overview position with a trained manager in place at each location. If it’s a fit for you, multi-unit franchise ownership is a lucrative opportunity and a new norm in the franchise industry. In fact, three mature franchises can produce a net return in the upper six figures; four or more units could net you seven figures.

Let Fulcrum Find the Franchise Ownership Model that Fits You

If you have 15 minutes, Fulcrum Franchise Development would love to discuss some franchise ownership options with you. Fulfilling options that let you have that cake, eat it, and positively change your life. Get in touch with us when it best fits your schedule.

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