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What’s positive about what we’re all experiencing is that it’s a time for self-reflection.   Examine where you are and where you want to be. It means now is the time to map out a viable plan for your entrepreneurial dreams by considering a recession-proof franchise opportunity.

The experts at Fulcrum Franchise Development compiled a list of six thriving franchise brands in service-based industries that promote economic stability. These and many others offer the added benefit of allowing you to own a successful business while working from home:

  1. Tutor Doctor. Children now learning virtually from home can keep pace with their studies and be ready to re-enter the classroom, thanks to Tutor Doctor. This thriving franchise brand offers tutoring programs for children from kindergarten to college level, adult education and senior citizens curricula, incorporating an understanding of all learning types. Tutoring is done at home or through our E-Learning System to maintain lifelong learning.
  2. Stemtree. Stemtree is another franchise that masterfully adapts to the new virtual learning landscape, and supports innovative learning well into the future. This brand presents an opportunity be a part of the growing education industry. Their customized curriculum and unique perspective on the marketplace has prepared them to expand at a rapid pace. Stemtree’s business model is structured to support the industry influx, allowing for new franchisees to start generating quicker returns.
  3. Hounds Town USA. Pet parents rejoice, as Hound Town USA answers the call to keep fur babies at their best. This franchise has been home to the happiest dogs on earth for more than 15 years. More than 600,000 canine visitors have enjoyed their interactive doggie daycare, overnight boarding, grooming, retail products, and tail-wagging rides in pet taxis!
  4. Aussie Pet Mobile. This brand promotes pet wellness while being good stewards of our planet. Aussie Pet Mobile is an Australian-born company that offers a convenient, affordable, reliable, and efficient service. They use environmentally friendly products and bring a highly-organized, professional approach to mobile grooming that includes an innovative van design, heated hydro-bath, and a 15-step grooming maintenance process for each pet.
  5. Schooley Mitchell. Less costs equals more opportunity for any business. Which is why Schooley Mitchell is a successful professional B2B consulting franchise that delivers advice and analysis to reduce cost in the areas of telecommunications, merchant services, small package shipping, and waste.
  6. ActionCOACH. As the world’s #1 business coaching firm with nearly 1,000 offices in more than 80 countries, ActionCOACH franchisees deliver a proven business building methodology. Much of this brand’ success is in its diversification—they serve tens of thousands of business owners in every industry you can imagine.

A Promising Franchise Future Starts Here

What’s one constant you can always rely on? Change. Embrace it and prepare for it with professional guidance from Fulcrum Franchise Development. We’ll help you find franchise opportunities that fit your needs for a more reliable and rewarding future—contact us for more information and a no-obligation consultation.