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B2B Franchise Solutions

You’ve long dreamed about owning a business. But you’re not sure if your ideal fit is with a business-to-consumer (B2C) or a business-to-business (B2B) venture. The experts at Fulcrum Franchise Development weigh in on the plusses of considering B2B franchise solutions, and share their top five B2B picks.

B2B Benefits

There are definite advantages to owning a franchise with a business-to-business model versus a business-to-consumer model, such as:

  • An easier sell. It’s often easier to work with companies than sell directly to consumers. Businesses have highly specific needs; as long as you provide sufficient quality, they’ll continue working with you rather than risk switching providers.
  • Less marketing, more relationships. B2B companies are more sales-driven versus marketing-driven. They deal with a small target group of niche customers that want to establish solid relationships with service providers. Provide stellar customer service, and you’ll build loyal, repeat business customers for life.
  • Reduced operational costs:Consumer-based business opportunities require a centralized, “high rent” location. B2B franchisees can establish operations in an industrial or other appropriate area that makes operating less costly.

Five B2B Franchise Favorites

The pros at Fulcrum Franchise Development share their top 5 picks for thriving business-to-business franchise opportunities:

  1. Apple Spice Box . This franchise serves small to large businesses with in-house box lunches/meals and catered corporate events. Since 1988, this established franchise company has optimized systems for food prep and delivery, set-up, and high volume.
  2. CMIT Solutions. CMIT Solutions offers a broad menu of technical support and IT services that all work toward one goal: helping businesses run smoothly by being prepared for any technology-related issue. It focuses on proactive, managed services instead of reactive break-fix services
  3. Metal Supermarkets. Metal Supermarkets is the world’s largest small quantity metal distributor. Their stores are small metal warehouse and distribution centers, typically 4,000–6,000 square feet that stock and sell various grades, sizes and shapes of metals such as aluminum, hot and cold rolled steel, stainless steel, brass and copper in bar, tubes, channel and sheet.
  4. Schooley Mitchell. Schooley Mitchell is a successful professional B2B consulting franchise that delivers advice and analysis to reduce cost in the areas of telecommunications, merchant services, small package shipping, and waste.
  5. WSI Internet Marketing. This company capitalizes on the red-hot demand for businesses to have effective digital marketing by providing solutions and strategies in Sites, Search, Social, and Mobile mediums.

Find Your B2B Fit with Fulcrum Franchise Development

As with any franchise opportunity, not all B2B franchises are created equal. Let the Fulcrum Franchise Development experts help you determine your ideal fit from dozens of top-rated B2B franchises that we represent. Start by perusing our expansive franchise listing, then call us at 833-653-0039 to schedule a complimentary consultation at your convenience.