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Fear. We feel it at our core because it’s biochemical fear that protects us from danger. But emotional fear is another story. This fear is personalized. It prevents you from pursing your passions. Get ready to face emotional fear with some valuable insights, so you can realize your dream of entrepreneurship.

Fear is Completely Normal

There are five common fear pitfalls that hold you back from entrepreneurship:

  1. Afraid of change. Change is not fun for most of us. But you know what’s worse? The anxiety of stagnation. Staying “comfortable” by not doing anything is actually what’s gnawing at your conscience each day.
  2. Afraid to fail. Failure is not something to be ashamed of; it’s proof you’re trying. In the words of Winston S. Churchill, “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” Write that down and read it every day.
  3. Afraid of not measuring up. Imposture syndrome infects all of us. But what makes successful people successful is their ability to recognize then address and move past those internal messages. It’s not about measuring up; it’s all about not giving up.
  4. Afraid of risk. Risk without rewards is that “s” word we mentioned earlier: stagnation. You can (and should) take risks that are calculated versus dangerous. A dangerous risk is like gambling—putting it all on the line without any real thought. Calculated risk means you’ve examined all facets of your business journey and are moving incrementally towards your goal. Calculated risk is the risk that dreams are made of.
  5. Afraid of the unknown. It’s that fear of uncertainty, change, and acting outside of your control that causes so many of us to not pursue our business dreams. But if you feel confident in the goals you set and the strategies you have to get there, you’ll feel steady about facing the future.

Expel the Excuses

Fear is like a manipulative negotiator who uses every excuse to justify its existence. To face those fears head on, you need to leave these excuses behind and focus onward:

  • The time’s not right. Waiting for the stars and moon to align? You know that’s not realistic. The time will never be “perfect,” so stop trying to achieve perfection. Success doesn’t sit back and think about it incessantly; success takes action. Imperfection is part of action, just like constant momentum is essential to success.
  • I don’t know enough. You think you need just one more seminar or self-help book to realize your entrepreneurial dream. Learning is a good thing, but doing is your most valuable lesson. Apply what you know, build on the little things you’ve learned along the way, and you’ll be amazed at your progress.
  • How can I afford this? Of course it’s scary to dedicate your savings to business ownership. But you can’t move forward without making a monetary investment. It’s a balance of risk and reward. If you approach it strategically, you’ll make that risk more reliable. Also, be sure to look at all your financial options. Financing for entrepreneurial endeavors like franchising is more accessible than you think.

Fear Less, Do More with Fulcrum Franchise Development

The experts at Fulcrum Franchise Development know that the best way to conquer your fear about entrepreneurship is information. We give our clients access to hundreds of top-rated franchises that will help you overcome your fears. Check out our Frequently Asked Questions about franchising, then contact us to discuss your dreams in a bit more detail. There’s no obligation—just us looking forward to hearing from you.

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