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You’ve talked about your franchise dream with your spouse until you were blue in the face. Now you’re red in the face because he/she/they don’t see it your way. Fulcrum Franchise Development has some strategies to help…

Your spouse is your life partner; that person you can lean on through good or bad. But when your spouse doesn’t support your dream of franchise ownership, it can be frustrating and disheartening. It doesn’t have to be that way when you employ these four strategies:

1) Pave a clear path for them. If you wedge yourself between your spouse’s fears and your dreams, you set yourself up for hurt feelings, frustration, and failure. Don’t wait until you’re two months into your endeavor to share what you learned and where you’re headed. Bring your spouse along with you on your journey from day one so that the route to your franchise dream is as clear to them as it is to you.

2) Honesty is always your best policy. It’s so much easier to not risk your spouse’s disapproval and keep things to yourself. But if you hide what you’re doing, you’ll only create more conflict down the road. Instead, tell your spouse the truth about your goals in a way that doesn’t sound like an ultimatum. Make them a part of your plan by sharing as much honesty and detail as possible.

3) Communicate with quality and quantity. This goes hand in hand with the honesty, just covered. Being honest with your spouse about your franchise goals means keeping them in the loop every step of the way. The main reason so many couples split is lack of communication. Communicate often and easily, but with the ultimate goal of bringing you both together. Need help? Discover how other couples with an entrepreneurial spirit make business and love work successfully.

4) Get them involved. To get buy-in from your spouse, be clear about what your needs are in order to achieve your goals. Map out the journey and take them through each step, then set a realist schedule that reflects how you can make it work and how they can help. Maybe it’s helps with household chores or errands—the more they see your vision and how they can support it, the more they will get involved doing just that.

 Let Fulcrum Meet Your Spouse

Having your spouse hear about franchising from a logical business perspective helps tremendously. It opens their mind to the process and possibilities. At Fulcrum Franchise Development, we’ve successfully helped countless couples find their franchise fit and embrace a career they can’t wait to get to each workday. We’d love to share the franchise process and our story with you and your spouse— contact us at your convenience.