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Combine equal parts passion, communication, collaboration, and a get-it-done attitude and what do you get? A woman. More specifically, a woman who’d be an exceptional franchise owner.

Why Women, Why Franchising?

Women are paving new roads of opportunity for others in the franchising world. What’s so attractive about franchising that’s yielding a skyrocketing number of female business owners?

  • Control and flexibility. Franchising offers women the flexibility and control they crave to balance work life with off-the-clock life.
  • Collaboration and support. Women tend to be amazing networkers and collaborators. Because franchise ownership means you’re in business for yourself not by yourself, women enjoy the level of collaboration and support that this industry offers.
  • Passion for products. Many women join the franchising ranks as a labor of love. They are drawn to the franchise opportunities that support the products, services and causes they’re passionate about.

Statistics on Her Side

More women own businesses in the U.S. than ever before. In fact, a 2017 American Express OPEN report noted that more than 11.6 million businesses are female-owned, which is 39% of all privately held companies.

A 2018 report by the International Franchising Association (IFA) and PricewaterhouseCoopers revealed that minorities owned 30.8 percent of franchise businesses in 2012. That’s a 10.3 percent jump ahead from five years earlier in 2017 when just 20.5 percent of franchise businesses were minority owned.

Fulcrum has Your Ideal Female Franchise Fit

Fulcrum Franchise Development is co-owned by Libby Baucom and has the support you need to find a franchising fit that promotes your passion. Peruse our frequently asked questions, then schedule a call to communicate, collaborate, and positively shape your future. We’re eager to hear from you!